Kirby3 SimpleStats - Simple analytics for your kirby website


I’ve been working on a plugin that gathers some visitor statistics in a simple, self-hosted and non-intrusive way.
Why ? Because I found existing self-hosted php solutions often collecting too much data and quite heavy, even if configured in a minimal state (Matomo…).
It provides some very minimal page stats, just enough to see website frequentation and content popularity. Plus some non-intrusive technical stats.
I hope this can be of use to others. :slight_smile:

Technically it uses the Kirby Toolkit to collect and store stats in a database file, relying on third party php scripts for referrer and device detection/parsing. A panel view then shows the data served through the kirby API.

More details are in the repo : Daandelange/kirby3-simplestats.

It provides :

  • (virtual) Page Visits counting with languages
  • Referrer tracking
  • Device gathering

All stats are computed/grouped on a custom time period, for now there is a monthly and a weekly one.

Hint: If you test it, there’s an option to populate the database file with some fake stats in the “information” tab.

Compared to other Kirby analytics plugins :

  • kirby3-matomo, kirby3-fathom-analytics, kirby3-plausible :
    SimpleStats doesn’t rely on a third party tracker which probably makes it less relyable. On the other side, the tracker code integrates quite well with kirby, I guess it’s more lightweight, minimal and it runs within your kirby installation.
  • kirby3-pageviewcounter :
    SimpleStats is quite similar, except it collects (a bit) more data.

I’ve been using it for about a year on an online website (±100 unique visitors/month) and on my local dev setup, to serve as a beta phase. Also I’ve posted about it on Discord which lead it to be announced in Kosmos; so some of you might have tried it already.

Now I’ve released the first alpha versions so it’s time to create a forum topic. :partying_face:
If you’ve used it and have any feedback, feel free to post.
Btw, If you’re a GDPR specialist, I’m curious about any compliance comments. (see readme for more technical details)