Very little visitor stats

I know, that my question is not directly related to Kirby, but maybe somebody got a clue or a recommendation for me.

For one of my clients I’m looking for a very, very basic visitor statistics tool. The client is a little NPO and just wants to know, that there is something going on with their website. Google Analytics oder Piwik are just to overdosed for them and will be way beyond their needs.
I googled the web back and forth but the results are not very helpfully or from the blink-tag-age. So if somebody here knows something, please let me know.


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Some hosting providers offer web statistics by default. Another option maybe: Use server access logs. Other than that, it would probably still be easier to use Piwik or Google Analytics rather then setting up something yourself using cookies or local storage or something even more complicated to identify unique visitors?

AWstats is a popular tool some providers use.
But if nothing is pre installed I recommend Analytics or Piwik…

It’s a shame Mint is no longer actively developed. I loved the minimal approach of it: I know that quite a few people still use it and it still works.

Thanks so far! I think I will go with a Piwik and slim the dashboard down to those features, they are interested in.
If something comes over me to start an own project that fits my needs, I will let you know :wink:

I’m going to try building something like this next week. Just for fun.


I always wanted to use Piwiks API to build analytics widgets for kirby. @thguenther please keep us updated :blush:

Such visitor stats would be great to use for something like most popular posts as well. Building this using the Piwik API, however, would imho slow down site performance too much.

Loading the data with AJAX shouldn’t slow it down?

@thguenther: What happened to your plan? Did you build this plugin? That would be great :slight_smile:

@tobiasweh Oh, well. I did start building it. But it got surprisingly complicated really fast with the Piwik API. It’s still on my todo list, though. I’d love to build it with an Google Analytics and Piwik integration, but that may take some time :sweat:

Ok thanks for the information :slightly_smiling:

I found which is a Piwik Plugin by Jonas Döbertin and take a look at it now …

what was your impression of the plugin ?

@novacanye actually I didn’t test it, since I had other things to do and my own page wasn’t my priority … sorry.

I always use Piwik with a minimal interface (theme settings) and dashboard.

But you can take a look at

It’s so simple, that it doesn’t require a logged-in user to view the stats :slight_smile: (which you can change afterwards).

Plain PHP, so Kirby-agnostic (and support for the same free geolocation DB as Piwik does).

Oh, it only used three tables in the database - which is perfectly simple :slight_smile: