Advice for visitor stats

simple question. what kind of visitor stats would you recommend?

i know on the most shared hosting plans there is awstats pre-installed.
but, you know it’s some kind of uglish.

for kirby 2 there is a stats plugin but not for kirby 3.


  1. gdpr compliant
  2. not goggle analytics (not trustfull, overkill, harms pagespeed)
  3. not matomo (overkill, harms pagespeed, slow on shared hosting)
  4. locally hosted (shared hosting)
  5. open source
  6. php enviroment

well that’s all

thank you for your support

Never used it: but there’s this plugin that uses Fathom.

would be nice but misses requirements.

not locally hosted
not php based

nevertheless thank you

Can be hosted locally, but Go-based, not PHP, that’s right.

Then check out:

Alternative: create you own simple interface for standard statistic data