Analytics in Kirby Panel?

Hi all,

Clients often want to have some sort of traffic analysis built into their site, but I find Google Analytics overly complex and difficult to use for most of my clients. Are there any simpler solutions out there, and most importantly, is there a solution that integrates nicely into Kirby’s panel - i.e., a plugin that might add analytic dashboard panels to the backend admin?..

Sure! :smiley:

I haven’t tested the plugin with Kirby 2.2 though. It could be a great starting point if it doesn’t work however.

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I always use Piwik - it’s an open source alternative for Google stats.

I don’t like Google (stats) because they gather too much information about you, your site and your visitors.

Using Piwik, all code works on your own server, and you can fine-tune everything;

You don’t have to set third party cookies, you can anonymize the IP-addresses and determine yourself which stats are shown on the panel, and which not…

It also has a nice heatmap, realtime world-map and even a realtime page-overlay so you can see which links are clicked and placed best…

Kirby add-on -

Considering that the way widgets work hasn’t changed with 2.2 there shouldn’t be any problem. However I’m going to do some tests to make sure that’s true :smile:

I tried the plugin on both Kirby 2.1 and 2.2 but didn’t get proper results;

It does log some data (I can see it in content/) but the graph and details doesn’t show up…

No errors, no warning in the developers console…

I did move stats.php from plugins to plugins/stats/ because I don’t like the root folder cluttered up with files - but even before this action, I was not able to get the stats (which is a shame, because it really looks awful!).

Just for completeness’ sake, there’s also this other plugin by @DieserJonas: Don’t know if this is up to date with Kirby 2.2, though.

There are so many plugins, it’s really hard to find them…

They are placed all over the interwebs… in this forum, on GitHub, private sites, etc…

Maybe we should combine them all at one place (well, the good ones at least).

They should actually all be listed on (although some are missing there), as themes are on, both sites are maintained by @DieserJonas.

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Thanks for the follow up, but many plugins are not listed there (unfortunately)… so sometimes I discover really great plugins outside this domain… which is a shame, because some of them are so great :slight_smile:

Well, I guess this forum is a good starting point, and the plugins/theme developers probably need to contact @DieserJonas to get them listed on one of those sites, otherwise it’s hard to find the stuff. If we had an official Kirby plugins site, the problem would still be the same that developers need to somehow advertise their babies so that they get listed.

I know, but maybe it’s an option to list the unlisted plugins…

So we have the listed plugins at the official site, but if someone discovers an unlisted plugin / widget / snippet / etc… he / she can submit / place it at the unlisted (not so official) page…

There are more unlisted plugins out there than listed ones… even the awesome plugin at this page is… unlisted :smile:

(just trying to think out of the box for users who wants to see a list of all known plugins, not just the official listed ones).

Well, I guess we can try to create a collection here in the form, in form of a wiki where everyone can list the plugins he/she knows?

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I think it makes sense to send the links to your plugins directly to @DieserJonas instead. There’s no need for another plugin list to double the complexity. :wink:

Well, I agree with you @lukasbestle, on the other hand it seems that there are really plugins out there that hardly anyone knows of, so we can try to make a little collection here where anyone can add the plugins he/she comes across. It doesn’t hurt after all.

Edit: Maybe not every plugin/extension developer even knows the site by @DieserJonas.

Yes, that’s definitely true. Maybe Jonas can migrate newly added plugins to his site from time to time as well.

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So, here you go: The Kirby Plugin/Extensions collection


I see the above link / page as a staging page;

Every plugin created / discovered / found can be noticed on that page.

When the plugin is really great / stable / etc… it can be migrated to the official Kirby Plugin Site…

(I do not consider my own plugins as really great, so don’t even mention me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hi @texnixe,

just a quick heads up: it is correct that I’m maintaining, even though I’m a bit behind with adding newly created plugins (I hope to be able to get the site up to date by the end of the week).

But was created and is still maintained by @jonabaptistella.

Thanks for clarifying @DieserJonas :blush: