Looking for a website analysis tool!

Hello mate,

I am new member into this community. I am looking for a better tool for website analysis. Hope I might get good suggestion and tool from this board. Actually I would like to know about traffic analysis, hosting location, domain, server, IP address lookup and many more using one tool.

I will wait for your further reply.

Currently there’s no tool that integrates with Kirby’s Panel these features. You will only find plugins that make it easy to add Google Analytics or Piwik tracking code to your templates.

Personally I use Google Analytics.

Didn’t try this one yet. But I am interested. Though I am searching through the internet for better solution.

Maybe this is interesting for you: https://gumroad.com/l/piwiksuite

I personally use piwik for my (and some customer) sites. It’s self-hosted and customizable. I’m using my own (veeeery basic) panel widget: https://github.com/mauricerenck/getkirby-piwik-widget
If you like a full solution, have a look at the piwiksuite @texnixe posted.

Or look at http://getkirby-plugins.com/piwik.

Good luck!

Please note that the plugin suggested by @anon77445132 is more than two years old and might not work as expected anymore. Also, it does not show anything in the Panel.

I’m working currently on integrating google analytics to the panel dashboard. The basic implementation is done but there is some work to do yet.


Looks simple and nice! Is it a widget or something else? :slight_smile:

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@jenstornell Thank you! Actually it’s a widget. Keeping it simple was my intent… :slight_smile:


i give you a KISS for that. :blush: looks neat!

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@Svnt Thanks man :wink:

Probably I’m going to make an early (alpha) release next week. To be honest, I’ve a bunch of ideas, but right now I’m not sure in which direction it should go…

Are you guys interested in filing some feature requests? Would love to discuss this topic!