Piwik Panel Widget

Hello Kirby-Friends,

because I wanted to see some basic Piwik-Stats of my site in the panel, I wrote a little widget. It’s still very rudimentary, but I will add some more functionality and design step by step.

Just install the widget as described in the readme, set some config-vars and it will show you live stats of the day (visits, actions and most used keywords).

I already have some ideas, I want to be able to configure, what will be shown, I want to add Goals, etc. Maybe some nice graphs?

You can find it on Github


Thanks for sharing!

Are you aware of this Plugin: https://gumroad.com/l/piwiksuite ?

No, I wasn’t. I just had a look at kirby-plugins.com. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks For That :slight_smile: !

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