The Kirby Plugin/Extensions collection

Well, let’s start a collection of all the Kirby plugins or collections we know of:

Note: The extensions listed here are pieces of code advertised by their developers or by users who found them on the web. So there is no guarantee that these extensions work with current versions of Kirby, or that using the code is safe. So always check out the code yourself as best you can and use at your own risk.

Resources for Kirby plugins/themes:

Kirby plugins


Field methods

Panel fields

Panel widgets


This is a wiki topic. You can add your own resources or resources you know in the first post yourself and discuss below. Please be nice. :smile:


I tag some plugin developers so they will notice this post. @distantnative @DieserJonas @helllicht @1n3JgKl9pQ6cUMrW @fanningert @samnabi @flokosiol. I know I missed a lot of developers but it’s a start.

Thanks for pinging me @jenstornell.

It is correct that I’m a bit behind with keeping up-to-date with the latest new plugins. I will do my best to have the site updated by the end of the week though!

Thanks to @jenstornell and @texnixe. Isn’t the right place for this?

I don’t know if there is an “offical” place for it. I know that it sometimes takes some time for to get updated. It also does not have that many plugins in comparation to this forum.

The best place should be one that it’s easy to add new plugins, easy for an admin to approve them and as little locked in as possible. A wiki is the closest thing I have in mind and this is a wiki post.

Some sites uses github where anyone can add pull request which then get added.

Many admins is probably one way speed things up.

Feel free to submit your plugins to the repo at any time.

Either create an issue with your new plugins info or create a pull request:

I’m always thankful for every contribution! :wink:

@helllicht: Yes, of course. But as discussed here, it seems that there a lot of resources out in the wild that are not on http://getkirby-plugins (yet). This wiki aims at collecting the stuff known to users here on the forum in order to more easily update the site.

Another alternative would be to just crawl this forum, filter by “Plugins” and then fetch all links that goes to Github. About 95% of them or so are probably plugins. The rest 5% could be “blacklisted”.

With that solution it’s not about adding anymore, it’s about removing.

Just a thought.

Thanks for mentioning me, Jens. I like having both this wiki and I believe only the author can submit to getkirby-plugins, whereas this wiki can be more flexible so anyone can contribute.

Thanks @jenstornell for pinging me.

It took me only 2 months to add my plugin, but I finally made it :smile:


I want to start working on a plugin.
Is there any guidelines or documentation on how to create plugins?

See this post: Plugin documentation

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Hey! Today we released a Kirby Plugin for STOMT. Which allows you to collect structured feedback from your website in an easy way:

This is the extension showcase: