Any experience with "Piwik Suite for Kirby CMS"?

Has anybody used this plugin successfully? Does anybody know, if it is under active development? I saw a link to it in an other thread last Friday, tried to download it from Gumroad and got an error. Contacted the developer (Jonas Döbertin, Today, two days later, still no answer.

Would really like to use the plugin, but need to know, if it will be updated, when Piwik/Matomo will be updated to 4.0 later this year.

I dont know about that Gumroad plugin, but I’m using this plugin just fine on my site.

Piwik has already changed over to Matamo. This is a simple name change, the script and files are still Piwik, but when you log into piwick, it will say Matamo. As far as i can tell this is simply cosmetic for now. I imagine they will rename all the files in due course.

To use Piwik on your site, you don’t need any Plugin.

@steenweg You are probably interested in the Dashboard widgets? I have no idea what the current status of that plugin is, I’m afraid.

Well no strictly speaking you just need to add the script to the page and change the API number but the plugin does have a widget and its easier to set config vars than go digging into code. Personal preference really.

you´re right, kind of. Piwik changed its name to Matomo in January without any change in functionality. The “big” update to 4.0 will come later this year (I think in April) to be compliant with the new European Union GDPR.

Also right. I already use Piwik/Matomo on the site, the plugin would provide some nice widgets that would make the life of my client easier.

Seeing that the version number is still at 1.0.0, I doubt it has ever seen or will see any updates.

I very much fear the same…

And the documentation says updated three years ago…

@S1SYPHOS asked for the current status in December, no answer. As far as I am informed, @DieserJonas has other stuff to do.

So if you don’t want to update this yourself, I’d say “Don’t buy”.

And with Kirby 3 upcoming, this plugin then won’t be compatible anymore, anyway (if this is important for you).

Ah, I see!

Thank you very much, Sonja.

@steenweg I guess you like Piwik because it allows you to keep hold of your data on your server rather giving it to Google, which is the reason I use it but lately ive being trying out GaLite which is a very tiny clone of Google tracking script that you run on your server rather then slowing your site down by calling it from Googles servers. If using Google Analytics suits your project, I would recommend it. You can even bundle it with all your other scripts with Webpack etc.

From a clients point of view this is neat because it lets me make fancy live spreadsheets in Google Sheets that tap directly into the analytics data. This one thing i miss from using GA, and clients love a fancy spreadsheet :slight_smile: if this was possible with Piwik, I would be a very happy bunny. I find its data export a bit lacking.

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I am also quite sure that Jonas stopped the development of the plugin. I bought it a few years ago and never got any feedback nor files. No hard feelings here, but I would advise you to look elsewhere for a working solution.

Thanks for your suggestions. It´s doesn´t comply with this clients IT policies to use GA. Maybe for another client.

Thanks for your confirmation. Will bury all thoughts regarding Kirby Piwik Suite :wink:

Hey guys (and gal),

Unfortunately, @texnixe is right: when I was working on the plugin and after I put it up on Gumroad for pre-order quite a few things changed and I wasn’t able to finish it up properly. I’m really sorry for that!

That being said, the product on Gumroad is a pre-order item. So, even if you “bought” it, your card/Paypal hasn’t been (and will not be) charged at all. I should properly cancel it sooner than later to guard against any further misunderstandings.

However, I might be able to return to doing more freelance work soon. Maybe I will get a chance to finally finish the plugin.

All the best,

Hey @DieserJonas, Thanks for getting back to us!

Any chance of open sourcing what you had so far? I’m sure someone would pick it up.

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Hey Jonas,

thanks a lot for the feedback. I actually wasn’t aware that gumroad did not charge any money for preordering your unfinished plugin and would have happily paid you a few bucks anyhow. My sole intention was to confirm that the plugin never saw daylight, not blaming you for the attempt.

Therefore I am sorry that I may have conveyed a wrong impression. :flushed:

Hi Hey,

you did not convey a wrong impression. I totally understood what you were saying.

I just wanted to explain what’s going on.