New to kirby - footer editing - missing section in admin to edit

I am new to Kirby.

I cant find how to edit the contact details at the bottom of this page / phone number etc.

the issue is in the editor - I cant see where to edit these details, the last items at bottom of editor is the newsletter editor

Hello & welcome,

As this particular information appears within the footer of every page, then it’s very likely one of the site-wide (global) settings. To find this information click on the ‘Site Options’ tab from the Panel admin area (see screenshot)…

If the information in question in not visible within ‘Site Options’ then it’s likely that the footer contact information has not been added to the corresponding (most likely the ‘site.yml’) blueprint.

Unless the blueprint file is edited to include this information then you’ll need to edit the site.txt file manually. The site.txt file can be found within the ‘content’ folder of the website. If the website is live then this can be done by logging into the site’s host.

If the contact information does not appear within the site.txt file either, then it may have been ‘hard-coded’ into the website’s footer snippet. The ‘footer.php’ snippet can be found in the site>snippets folder. Again, if the website is live then this will also need to be done by logging into the site’s hosting server.

I hope this is clear and helps.

Hey thanks a lot for your input - Im not a developer - i was let down by the developer who abandoned me on this site. I cant seem to find anything you have mentioned
I cant find ‘site options’ in admin panel
where would the site.txt file be? the website is live.
sorry about this!! would be interested in paying anyone that can help make some updates!! (if I am not allowed say that here - I am sorry I will delete the request)

Do you have access to the source code on the server?