How to populate settings page?

In Kirby 2 you were able to put fields on the settings page by expanding the site.yml. In Kirby 3 the site.yml is used for the dashboard.

How can I put fields on the settings page in Kirby v3?


You can still put fields on it. Basically the kirby 2 style dashboard and the site page have been blended into one with Kirby 3. You can still put fields in it, as you would any other page, along with tabs and columns etc. For instance, on mine I have set it to use tabs, and on the first tab it shows the sites sub pages like the starter kit does out of the box, and i have second tab for global SEO fields, another for social media links… its really flexible.

No, no no, you’re misunderstanding me.
I am talking about the settings page wich can be reached over the dropdown in the top left corner.

Sure I could create a ‘settings’ tab on the dashboard but why not use the page that’s actually called settings to put some settings there?

No, the settings page is not editable, it’s a page used by the system, for language settings and the license.

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Ah I see. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of it in the docs, so I would guess not.

Thanks for letting me know. I guess it’s gonna be a Settings-Tab on the Dashboard then.

Will plugins be able to use the settings page?

Right now it looks like a bit of a waste, empty as it is.

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You could enable 100 languages to fill it up :crazy_face:

Maybe at one time, it will be possible to customize this page, I don’t know if it’s currently possible with a plugin, but I don’t think so.

Plus one on being able to populate the settings page — I really liked being able to hide away some general site configuration in site.yml, like footer info or secondary menu configuration. Is this on the roadmap at all?

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I don’t know, I couldn’t find an issue in the ideas repo.

I still think that editable content is better off in a tab in site.yml, but yes, if you want to limit access to site-wide configurations from certain user roles, I can see a use case for using the Settings (or another custom Panel) page for this purpose.

I’m gonna open up this thread again.

Thanks for letting me know. I guess it’s gonna be a Settings-Tab on the Dashboard then.

I have created a settings tabs in site.yml. Can someone clarify how to add “site wide” fields accessible from Templates or Plugins?


All fields in site.yml are accessible site wide. Inside a tab you can define a set of fields. Or a fields section if you want to mix with other stuff