Blueprint for 'Settings' page?

How do I define a blueprint for the ‘Settings’ page under the hamburger in Kirby Panel? I’d like to add controls for global site elements. Previously in K2 this was site.yml, but that now has a new use.


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There is no blueprint for the Settings page But you could use different tabs in site.yml for site specific settings.

Thanks for the prompt reply @texnixe. What’s the purpose of this page within the panel (other then showing license) if we can’t use it?

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It shows the license, and in case of a multi-lingual site, you can add/remove languages here. The settings page doesn’t store anything in the content folder, though, so currently, it wouldn’t be of any use for site-wide settings.

To avoid confusion and make the purpose of this page more clear, I’d like to campaign for it to be renamed to something more appropriate like “System”. For anyone coming to Kirby 3 from using the previous version, they are going to expect a “Settings” page to function the same as it did in Kirby 2. For anyone who is new (on a single language installation) a page called “Settings” which only displays their license info is also confusing.

The current descriptor does not make sense IMHO.


Please feel free to create an issue in the ideas repo, your suggestion will get lost here.

Thanks, done.