Generall Metainformations or Footer Data

Is this correct, that there is no more explicit site page in V3? In Version 2 i used the site-blueprint to maintain meta-information about the panel and manage footer data.

How your would plan and organize these kind of Data/Pages in the V3-Panel so there is an easy overview for an editor to maintain the footer or even fields for input, which are displayed on every page in the frontend?

its also possible that I didn’t get the new concept of v3 at all :slight_smile:

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It’s actually a lot better in Kirby 3 now, in my opinion.

You can define as many tabs on the Dashboard (site/blueprints/site.yml) as you want. I tend to set it up like this:

In Kirby 2 it was always something my clients forgot. “Click on the hamburger icon and then settings” was definitely one of my most said sentences :slight_smile:

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I didnt see the Dashboard-Thingy yet in this way. very cool. now I get the idea for it.
yes, its looks more dynamically.

Thank you for that help! That was what I needed.

Using $site()->html() or $site()->kirbytext() ist obviously the way to stuff those infos into a snippet or a template.

$site->fieldname()->html() or $site->fieldname()->kirbytext() it should be.

Just wanted to test if it is possible to post wrong Kirby Code on the forum and get away with it.

It is not.