Kirby 3 site parent?

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I see that in Kirby 3 I can add fields directly to the panel using the site.yml blueprint. I want to build a very simple site where the user can only edit one page, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to put the fields on the dashboard (it’d be a simple image gallery) or if I have to create a section and reference that?

If it’s possible, how would I then loop the images, as there would be no parent to call.

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Not 100% sure I understand your question correctly but the fields and content stored inside the dashboard homepage are tied to the main $site variable and site.txt file.

So instead of calling a parent to the $page you can simply access the content via the $site variable.

I know Kirby from only 20 days…
Just finished to sep up my new site…
And BOOM!!! Kirby 3 :rofl::rofl: :rofl:

I hope the upgrading process will not be too wasteful :pensive:

Things are not too different in terms of templates/snippets/controllers
There are changes in the panel but that’s a good thing.

You have much more flexibility now.

I’ve got some modification in terms of core, created some plugins…
I’m afraid that everything is lost :sob:

In Kirby 2, the dashboard was not tied to any content in your content folder. The site.ymlblueprint then defined the form you saw in the Settings page.

Kirby 3 combines the former Settings page and the former dashboard into a unified experience. On the one hand, this start page when you open the Panel can contain fields the values of which are then stored in the site.txt file. Additionally, you can display everything that is contained in your content folder––an much more.

To structure this start page, you can use the new tab feature, so that you have fields to store general information about the site in one tab, display a sort of “sitemap” of your page (like in the Starterkit) in the first tab, from where people can access the different section of your site.

The possibilities here are pretty endless. For example, we have seen a dashboard that displayed progress metadata about the site, indicating what had already been finished and where information was missing in pages.

I’m a bit confused… but KIRBY 3 is so so so…

AWESOME!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

What can I try to explain better?

I’m trying to perform a complete porting of my contents…
In kirby 2 I’ve composed a blog, with blueprint, now I don’t know how to set up a new blog, maybe is OOTB

Check out the Kirby 3 Starterkit, the Notes page and subpages is more or less the same as a simple blog setup. Also, there are example blueprints for a blog in the documentation.

Tank you so much @texnixe :grinning:

Thanks everyone and apologies for the late reply. The $site variable did work; it was what I tried first but perhaps I didn’t save properly before checking, and then went on to try other guesses like ‘panel’ and then wonder if it needed to be in its own directory. I think this could be really powerful, especially for plugins that want to be incorporated into a kind of ‘dashboard view’.

I’m sure we’re all going to be asking a few more questions over the next few weeks, but I’m looking forward to learning, it will all be worth it for a much improved product!