Kirby 3 Panel Setting

Hi there!

Today I started with Kirby 3.
Setting things up with Plainkit and now I’m wondering where the settings are in the setting menu.
I only see this:

What am I missing? Where can I fill in the title, copyright etc.


You can set up the fields you need in the site.yml so they appear in the dashboard. For example in a separate tab, see this thread: How do you setup/arrange your site blueprint?

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The new Panel Startpage combines the former Kirby 2 Dashboard and Site Settings.

The page that is now called “Settings” only holds the license information and the language settings in case of a multi-language installation.

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Hi @thguenther and @texnixe,

Thank you very much for the fast answers! It now is clear for me.

Thanks again.

Hi @texnixe,

I have more questions about this settings topic.
As many other we also wonder, why it is not possible to edit this page. We used the settings page in Kirby 2 for all contents related to the whole site or even for API keys, …
We now have to use the panel dashboard for these contents, and are struggling with the fact, that we should have sensitive data (as e.g. API Secret Keys) on there. As I understand it, it is not possible to deny access to certain tabs on user rolls.

We think, that the settings page in Kirby 2 was an excellent method to have all these contents on a save place, which was accessible only for e.g. admins. Is it possible to have such an option in the near future or the option to deny access to tabs for user rolls?


Well, I can’t make any predictions about the future, but you can always create an ideas issue and if there are enough people in need of a certain feature, then it will most likely be considered.

the only thing you can do right now to control access to sensitive data is to use site.yml blueprints based on user roles. Or store these settings in a page that is only accessible to admins.