Sections of site.yml - beginner

Hi everyone (and sorry for this very beginner question, that’s my first time with kirby).

I have a page and its blueprint called edition.yml for my event’s infos (with many fields like festival dates, speakers, … ), and especially a “structure” where I enter each line of the event program. It shows cards in my website, not pages.

I would like to be to modify this structure (at least show it) from the home screen of the panel (site.yml). I try to take example from starterkit but I think I don’t understand how sections work… I tried to figure out with documentation but i didnt success.

Could you explain me how to do that ?

Thank you,


Hi and welcome to our community.

Editing another page from the dashboard is not possible, because the content from there would be stored in site.txt, instead of in your event info.

Each of the yaml files creates a form, and the input of these form fields is then stored in the corresponding pages (all blueprints in /site/pages) or in the site (site.yml => site.txt).

Hi and thank you for your time.

The solution would be to place all these fields in site.yml and in the template of my “edition” page, call the fields of site.yml?

Or would it be possible to just display them (a list) in dashboard, and edit them in “edition” blueprint? Like the “notes” section of the starterkit… But I can’t find how to achieve a similar result with a “structure” field.

If I understand you correctly, contrary to the notes section in the Starterkit your edition page doesn’t have subpages but a structure field, right?

In that case, it would probably be easier to store this information in the site object and call the field from the site object, yes. Although I wouldn’t like such a solution, because it mixes content that doesn’t belong there).

Another option would be to convert the structure field into virtual pages, but that might a bit too much effort (don’t know if “new to Kirby” also means new to PHP development in general).


I’m new to Kirby and PHP, I’m a JS / React junior dev… I wanted to test kirby in a non-headless solution.

To better explain, most of the content of this site is this “edition” page, with another very small page and a gallery. The index is a decorative page with navigation only.

Does it make sense to you not to create a blueprint for the edition page, and to put all relative fields in the dashboard?

Thanks a lot.

Yes, in this particular case it would probably make sense. You would still need a page folder for the edition page (but not the blueprint).

Yes, I understood that.

Thank you again for your help and this great CMS :heart: