Get Structured Field information and show them in Sections (site.yml)

Hello, i was trying to get some info to show on the Panel’s homepage.

Those data are stored in a page (‘Informations’) via a Field Blueprint

Something like these:


  • fields

    • info.yml

      type: structure
          label: Info One
          type: text
          width: 1/3
          label: Info Two
          type: text
          width: 1/3
          label: Info Three
          type: text   
          width: 1/3

And my site.yml is structured like this:

title: Site


    type: pages
    parent: site.find("games")
    extends: sections/games
    headline: Games Published
    status: published
    layout: list  

      type: pages    
      headline: Your info
      parent: site.find("informations")
      extends: fields/info

What i like to have is something that i’ve already have on the “games” sections above the “information” section but not from subpages but from information->structured.

Thanks everyone!

Something like these:

Having those info from the Info Page

Showed on the Panel’s home like these:

Kirby has four types of sections:

  • pages section
  • files section
  • info section
  • fields section

None of these can be used to show structure field items.

You would have to create a custom section to achieve what you want.

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Oh i see. :unamused:

I hoped it was easier and that i was doing something wrong.

Thank you @texnixe

It’s doable if you want to get into Kirby and Vue a bit. You can base it on a pages section, then display structure items instead of pages.