Localization of footer

Hi there. I am developing a multi-language one-pager for our app. In the footer we are showing our address like


company name

post address

` This part should also be different on each language version. What is the best solution to have two variations for the languages and being able to edit it via panel?

This is site wide information, so the best place to store that would be in the site settings.

Additional fields for the site settings can be added in the site.php blueprint.

Thanks so much. I am playing around with kirby for about 2 days now but have not discovered the settings section in the panel. (hamburger menu) - thanks, it is clear now

Sorry, again a problem I stumbled upon a few times. I added a textarea field for the site.txt. I am adding a multi-line entry with md formatting. But it is displayed without line-breaks and formatting on the front-end. Why is that?

Do you output it in your template like this?

echo $page->textareafield_name()->kirbytext();

It works. Thanks. I had ->html(); and thought ->kirbytext(); is sth else. Oops. I am so happy, this kirby thing is so great, even for me as a non-dev.

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A little off topic, but if you have many fields like I have you can use one of the tabs plugins for better structure.