General problems about the Tabs in Blueprints and the Settings

Hi there,

In general, I find the tabs very good because I no longer need to use a custom field. At this point I would like to say a big thank you to the tab field of afbore - - which I also found much easier to use because the elements are not nested as complex as they are now had. But this only as a note. Possibly, you could solve this again as it was really uncomplicated.

I have the problem that in my Kirby a lot of options have to be accommodated. So first my question how I bring the whole in the settings of Kirby? That did not work out so far. Now I have a lot of settings but this must be in the dashboard accommodate and the settings tab is totally empty.

But even if I could do that, the tabs are still causing massive problems as they are simply not designed to accommodate a lot of information and settings. Or can tabs possibly synonymous nested?

Here is a screenshot of what the current looks, and unfortunately are not all positions housed. My idea for better tabs in the appendix is ​​sometimes pushed with quite rudimentary CSS. So could be placed significantly more tabs. In the ideal case, the tabs are then at a smaller viewport width to a kind of Accordion or something in the way. Maybe this will be a option for the Tabs in future?


  • Why are the Blueprint tabs so complicated and nested?
  • Current tabs have a problem with many entries
  • Can tabs currently be nested?
  • do tabs work in Structure Fields?
  • how do I get settings in the settings bar?
  • new idea for better tabs

Could you post what that looked like in K2? I can’t somehow imagine that that many tabs looked better in K2?

And no, you can’t put anything into the currently called “Settings” page.

Sure, there the Tabs can be scrolled and all can be placed in settings which really makes sense. Why there is a Menu entry called “settings” when there is only the license info? Should this entry be renamed in “license” or “system info”? I think it’s very very confusing.

There is already an issue on GitHub regarding the naming. In addition to the license, the Settings page has the language settings in case of a multi-lingual page, but nothing else.

The Panel start page now combines the K2-Settingspage and the K2-Dashboard.

Ok … currently the site is not multilingual. But I think this makes really sense to bring this back. Most options are “one time usage”. So it don’t make sense to always have them in the dashboard right?

You probably have a good reason to put your stuff into that many tabs. But how many settings are there per tab? Wouldn’t it be possible to reduce the number of tabs and use columns and headlines inside tabs to structure the content?

If you put all that into the settings page, it wouldn’t make that much of a difference as regards the number of tabs?

Please feel free to open or support feature wishes in the ideas repo.


You could use custom styling for your tabs.

And to answer some more of your questions:


You can use layouts/field groups etc. to keep the clutter out of your blueprints