How to expose $site fields in panel?

Hi there!

Loving Kirby so far – I’ve made an old static website into a dynamic one in no time, just by altering the starter kit! Also loving the zero-hassle panel for the client.

I’ve added some fields to the site.txt and I was wondering, how can I make them editable in the panel… I guess I’m missing something.

Also, is this the appropriate way to make for example, contact details editable for the footer? Add them to the snippet? Or is there another way?

You can define the fields that are stored in site.txt in /site/blueprints/site.yml`.

Yes, that’s quite common. An alternative would be the contact page.

If you have different type of stuff in the dashboard, it is useful to use tabs for the different kind of “content”, like the pages overview, SEO fields, other types of fields, etc.

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In hindsight it is kind of obvious, but I would never think about that.
Anyway, thanks a lot – excellent support!