My site is no longer loading - getting a blank white page

The site is
All I get is a blank white page. The panel does work though.

I was trying a new ftp app - Filezilla - and may have inadvertently edited/deleted a critical file. Hoping to resolve this issue before the client notices that the site is down.

I don’t really see how I can help if you deleted files? I’d upload a backup.

Looks like only the start page is not working, MedPeds | Contact works.

Thanks for your quick response. Sadly, my only backup is corrupt. This is a real learning experience for me. Yes, I see that the subpages work fine, so all is not lost. I just don’t know what is causing the main page to not load. I see that the index.html file is blank. Is that normal?

Why is there an index.html at all? Try removing it.

Hi there. Yes - that was it. I removed it and the site works fine now. Thanks!