Lost all feilds and now cannot see any sub pages

In the front end, the subpages are still displaying however nothing is showing in the panel. My blueprint and content files are now blank too. Is there any way I can revert to the old code? Failing this what are the presets I can use in the yml and txt to display the subpages?

If your content is empty but the frontend still displaying stuff, then you probably have caching enabled in your config and what you see comes from the cache files?

If your content files are empty, then there is no way of retrieving the data, unless you somehow parse the cache files if they exist.

But what did you do to delete all content and blueprint files?

I didn’t do anything, I haven’t touched the files for a few months and then came back tried to edit home in panel and I had an error message saying the yml file wasnt there, but it was. When I opened the file it was blank.

That sounds pretty bad. Have you been hacked? Content usually doesn’t just vanish.

I’d contact the provider, maybe they have a backup if you don’t have one (which of course you should always have…)

I think I must have saved it incorrectly, I rewrote the file and it is fine now.