Please help me: Website shows only blank pages

hI all,
for some reason, my first kirby based page is broken today and i did not geht the reason up to now.
the site was running since last friday. today, my client wanted me to do some minor changes to content/site.txt and the snippet for the header. i made that - and now, the site is completely broken! :confused:

the panel is still working, but now content is shown. instead, the console shows error 500. what happened there?
the same site is also working on my local machine. setting debugging on shows also a white page.

what i tried up to now:

  • repaired privileges
  • set up a new htcaccess
  • replaced the installation with the one running properly on my local machine
    but nothing helped up to now.

any hint is highly appreciated! thank you!

Can’t you upload a backup of the old version that was working until Friday? Check your server error logs.

here i am again: someone - definetely not me!!! - changed the php version without telling me.
i fixed that now. grrrrrrr …
the site is online again.
thank you, regards, carsten