Macotuts - Tutorials and more for Kirby

Hello, amazing Kirby community!

This forum, Kirby in general, and the whole Kirby community are incredible. There is so much to learn, so much being shared, and just a fantastic atmosphere.

That’s one of the main reasons that Constantin (@Constantin) and myself (Mathieu) decided it was time to give back. We discussed for days in a row the best way to do that and decided that creating a website dedicated to Kirby Tutorials was the best way to go.

Introducing Macotuts

We started creating Macotuts a few weeks ago and are extremely excited to finally share it with the community!!

What’s Macotuts?

This website is entirely dedicated to Kirby. The most important part for us was to put the tutorials front and center and to create an interface that made it super-easy to find tutorials and read them. And the best part about it? It’s written in English and French! (Alright maybe not the best part for everyone :stuck_out_tongue: )

Tutorials for every level

We’re really trying to target every type of audience with the tutorials. Some of them are the absolute “basics” like how to install Kirby on a server. Some are more complex (how to add filters to the Starterkit), and some we except will teach something to even the most experienced members of the community. We’ve got a few tutorials already that are here mostly for benchmarking. We want to hear your thoughts. Which is the best type? What do you think is missing?

MacoList - Kirby <3

In the MacoList, we’ll be sharing each week some of the best resources and links about Kirby. The first MacoList is dedicated to what we used to build this website. Everyone can share a link with us and we’ll do our best to include it :wink: With the MacoList, we wanted to create the Codrops Collective of Kirby stuff.

Our focus: a great user experience

We both love obvious and efficient UX. We did our best to make this one of our main goals in Macotuts. We’d love to hear your thoughts on things like the tutorial navigation, the tutorial categories and difficulty filters, and the rest of the site of course :slight_smile:

Performance = Better UX

We worked very hard to achieve very high page speed. Getting 100/100 on Google’s page speed insights was as much a challenge as a learning experience. How does the site perform for you? It’s hosted in France without a CDN for now.

What’s next?

We have a lot more tutorials in the works, and can’t wait to see your feedback to adjust on our current tutorials.
We’re very open to external contributors. If you want to write tutorials for Macotuts, or share a tutorial already written on another site, send us an email!

We can’t wait to hear your feedback !!!


I Just LOVE this Idea, its a really nice idea, and i’m really looking forward to it. can’t see to watch the Tutorials :blush: :heart_eyes: GOOD LUCK

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Fatal error.


The beauty of going live :slight_smile: we’ll fix this ASAP


Thanks for your kind words @thesmithy!!

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Brilliant (and fast!) site :slight_smile:

BTW. Don’t let Google Speed fool you - the fun thing is that they don’t even measure the time in seconds, so you can have the “perfect” site (in Googles opinion) which takes ages to load!

Besides Google Speed, I always check sites with

It has the same issue (giving you bad points, while you know it doesn’t mean anything), so you have learn to “read” and “interpret” their “error-messages” :slight_smile:

(btw. was this the secret project you mentioned in the secret forum ?


Maybe Kirby tutors and yours can be merged, sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, why did you build that site in WordPress?


Yes it was!
And I completely agree with you for Google page speed! We ran a ton of benchmarks to get ideas on how to improve actual page speed and had a goal of fully loading the homepage within a second on first visit. We did it all on a shared hosting server. Challenging :slight_smile:

There’s no Wordpress behind that site Haha! You peeked in the source code didn’t you? :wink:

What’s Kirby tutors?

WordPress was a joke, of course :slight_smile:

With tutors I meaned tutorials - sorry!


Did you actually open the page source though? There’s an inside joke :wink:

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Of course I did; it’s the first thing I do when I see a new / nice site… view source :slight_smile:

My favorite easter-egg is this line of code (javascript);

console.log("%cKirby Rules!", "background: #8dae28;color: #fff;font-weight: bold;font-size:22px;padding:0 10px");

When visitors hit F12 or Inspect Element they see a nice designed message in the console of their browser :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell, you can even wrap a complete webpage in the console that way!

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Looks and performs great.

Thanks for mentioning Kirby Focus though it’s not Pedro’s but my plugin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahah there was a mix-up between Kirby focus and Kirby auto git! Sorry about that :smiley:

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Alright @flokosiol , your name is back in that list :smiley:

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Thanks again for reporting that @jenstornell, it’s been fixed :wink:


Outstanding! :smile:


Thanks for mentioning Auto Git! I’m really glad to hear you found it useful as well.


Great site! Love the idea of tutorials for every level, sometimes the simplest things can be surprisingly challenging when one learns new software.

The site is indeed very fast. What kind of hosting do you use at OVH?

Thanks for the feedback Malvese :slight_smile:
@Constantin was in charge of hosting, I’ll let him answer you, but you may be surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Malvese thank a lot for you feedback. We use the very basic hosting solution from ovh with the free “let’s encrypt” option (now available with all new website in ovh).

I would really appreciate to see some really in depth tutorials regarding plugin and custom form field creation because the official documentation of this is really narrow and lacks lots of important things.

At the moment I am reading through other peoples code on github to kind of understand whats going on and how things are working with each other. But sadly for now I am failing badly when wanting to build my own.

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