Kirby Courses – tutorials on YouTube

Hi there Kirby community,

I started a YouTube channel where I plan to regularly publish tutorials and tips for Kirby users:

The first video is called “10 Tips & Hidden Features”:

There are some other Kirby Courses in the pipeline already, like an introduction to the Modules plugin. I list the video ideas in this Trello board:
If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them. Also, any feedback regarding the first video would be awesome. :heart:


Really nice! :slight_smile: I did not know everything in there so I think it’s on a good level for me at least.

I would like to see more of them.

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Fantastic tips in here! I had no idea about the css('@auto') helper.

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Found two gems in there @thguenther. Great work on the first video!

Keep them coming!

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Thanks a lot @jenstornell, @samnabi and @pedroborges! :blush:

I’m glad even the pros learn something new in the video as I feared most things were just hidden from me for a long time.

After the structure and modules videos I think I will upload a small example website video, maybe subdivided into shorter videos. “Templates”, “Blueprints”, “Plugins”, … There’s a lot of things to learn from other developers I think. If somebody else wants to do this I’d gladly turn this into a community channel.

That’s the sole reason I buy templates sometimes, it’s really interesting to see how other developers solve problems.


I think you did a great job of selecting features. Really looking forward to your future videos. It’s also very well made. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know about any of those features. Amazing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, great job! We wanted to do such videos for a long time, but never managed to actually produce them. It’s quite a lot of work to get them done in such a nice way, so you are really doing the community a huge favor!


Really cool!, i think those videos are also interesting for beginners whit Kirby. good luck whit that project! :smiley:

Good video. I knew some of the things covered, but learned some as well. Some more of these roundups could be worthwhile. I also like the idea of “focus” videos.

Just saw the Trello board, good idea. I like the idea of a video about the structure field.

Awesome job, @thguenther, thanks for the effort. Looking forward to more of that great stuff :slight_smile:.

I learned some handy tips too. Looking forward to more!

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Thanks @thguenther for these initiative, very helpful. I love the first video :slight_smile:

Suggestions for the next Kirby courses:

  • Routing
  • Hooks
  • Create a panel page

Thanks again for the nice feedback everyone!

I just uploaded the next Kirby Course: Structure Field: Introduction.
@grantpalin, @thesmithy and a few others requested this so I hope this helps you getting started:

For everyone that already knows how to use the structure field:
I’m in the progress of recording a video about the modules plugin and the recently updated and renamed sortable field. Since the delete subpages issue is now resolved, the modules are a must-have for every complex Kirby website in my opinion.


Very very awesome video again! I really like the structure (pun intended) and that it’s so easy to follow. Still a very good overview over the structure field.

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I did not learn anything this time but it’s probably great for new Kirby users. I also liked the honesty about the limitations of the structure field and how to solve these limitations by using plugins.

About the video itself I like:

  • The sound quality and volume.
  • The length. A perfect short video seems to be 6-7 min.
  • The not live mistake approach. Nothing like “Ooops, I will correct this, wait a minute… soon you will see some awesomeness, just wait for it… my capslock has stuck!!! now there we are… where were we now!?”
  • The graphics like the logo etc. Gives a good impression.
  • The white cat with blue eyes called Thomas Günther. :slight_smile:

Thanks @lukasbestle and @jenstornell!

I am not happy with the sound quality at all to be honest, but I plan to purchase a better microphone at some point. If anybody has a suggestion for a good microphone, please let me know! Maybe this one? @HYR helped me a lot with the ScreenFlow suggestion already. I used it for this video and it was a lot faster than Premiere.

The “no mistakes” approach is super time consuming, but I hate to watch tutorials myself where I scream “You just forgot a letter! That’s why it doesn’t work!” at the screen. :sweat_smile:

I’ll just take the last one as a compliment… I guess :joy:

That mic is probably a good choice as it sounds quite nice and is also easy to setup and use. Rode also has a dynamic USB mic called the “Rode Podcaster”. But it’s very large and heavy and you need to be very close to it (advantage: it picks up less noise from computer fans, the street etc.).

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This series is really off to a fantastic start with the first two videos. I can only agree with the others that the quality of the videos is awesome and you manage to explain features in a very straight-forward way, that is easy to understand but yet informative and fun. It also pays off that you put a lot of effort into the production.

For the mic: I think the sound quality isn’t too bad. I bought a Røde NT a couple months ago and I’m pretty happy with it. I think it’s quite similar to the Podcaster, which Lukas recommended and both are good choices.

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Thanks @thguenther these are really helpful especially the panel stuff

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