Place for Kirby 3 tutorials

Hi everyone,

Is there a place where I can follow Kirby 3 tutorials? I would really like to learn/build a (more complex) Kirby 3 project based on a tutorial. I am aware of the Cookbook, Reference and the Guide/Docs etc.


Bastian did some live stream videos, on making a website from scratch and on making a plugin. You can find these over here on Youtube.

He is also doing a full day workshop later this year at Beyond Tellarand which you might find interesting.

The “Creating a Kirby powered blog” guide in the cookbook actually covers most of the features of kirby. Following through that will teach you a lot that can be applied to other sites. Look at the list of related articles at the bottom of that page. Those are all things you might use on most sites, even if it’s not a blog.

What do you feel you are missing? What features do you want more in depth guidance on?

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Hi @jimbobrjames,

Thank you for your respons and useful links (especially the YouTube videos!)
I am aware of the Beyon Tellarand event. I would love to attend this event but I am on the other side of the world :sweat_smile:

I found the ‘Creating a Kirby powered blog’ and related pages very useful! Thank you for bringing this up.

I would like to learn more about the Kirby 3 API and perhaps some more advanced solutions. For example: making a live search with info from a Json file, making a webshop with Kirby or making a recruitment website/app with Kirby.

Thanks again for your respons!

Live search is pretty easy. You can use a route to get the search data in to json pretty simply. Then feed it into something like Fuse. The route would look something like this…

  'pattern' => 'search-index.json',
  'action'  => function () {
  	// get all visible page data
  	$pages = site()->index()->listed();
  	// store all page data
  	$data = [];
  	foreach($pages as $article) {
  		$data[] = [
        'id'  => $article->id(),
        'title'  => $article->title(),
        'url' => $article->url()
  	// encode for transfer and reception
  	$data = json_encode($data);
  	return $data;

For the web shop you can do this with Shopify via this plugin or roll your own using Merx. It’s also very easy to set a store up via Snipcart, since it mostly just runs off data attributes. You can do a store in minutes with that.

As for the recruitment website, also dead easy. Thats essentially a blog, but the pages are probably time bombed so they auto disappear from the site when the jobs is no longer available. You can do this with SunCyclePages plugin.

As for things like resume uploading, you can do this pretty simply with Uniform which is a form handler that has built in support for uploads. You can also use it’s webhook function instead to send through a third party processor like Postmark or Mailchimp.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Better avoid these adjectives… :wink:

@portobien If you want to learn to build your own shop, for example, rather than using a ready solution, you can inspect existing solutions to see how they were built.

Mic drop.

No seriously. Thank you. But as already said by @texnixe, it is not very easy for everyone.

Will do that!

Thats just the way i talk… ill upgrade it to “intermediate.”

Problem is that it will likely make people feel stupid if they don’t find it easy. And if everything was so dead easy, we could shut the forum down.


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it’s easy to quit.
but is easy always the best way? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@portobien - I have been taking the “learn as I go” approach with Kirby, and I can’t say enough good things about a combination of the Starter Kit and this community. @texnixe has answered countless questions I’ve posed, many of which probably make her eyes roll back so far into her head that her retinas are at risk of detaching. But I digress.

I highly recommend the Kirby Starter Kit. I learned so much just from running that locally and clicking around the Kirby files. You can download the Starter Kit here.

Sorry for the mansplaining if you’re already aware of and/or using the Starter Kit. #starterKit

I’m pretty sure my life-force is tied to this forum now. If you do that, I will surely die.

I’d rather remove stuff from the docs…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All jokes aside… I honestly think that Kirby is one of the easiest systems to work with. If you break your task down in to the individual moving parts, and go a brick at a time, its actually pretty painless for most stuff, because Kirby is well written and has almost everything you could possibly need built in. The awesome community (some of whom i now consider friends) is a real bonus.


I agree from a certain perspective, but I’m coming from a weird place. I’m a product designer that slings HTML/CSS around when needed. Kirby has been amazing for me, as it has allowed me to build out a fully dynamic site without the need of a heavier-lifting developer.

But, and this is a big but - I’m not very familiar with PHP. I’ve had to take it a step at a time, learning some PHP basics & Kirby basics at the same time. It can be overwhelming.

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I’m in a similar boat… I’m not a developer either really. Yes I can build websites, but I don’t know javascript or PHP fluently. (in fact I learnt a lot of good habits from @texnixe on the PHP front).

But im a designer at heart (I have a BA in Computer Animation and 20 years as a front end developer . web designer). I use Kirby because it largely gets out my way and through its power i can usually put together my designs without needed a backend professional.

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Hi @josiahplatt,

Thank you for your encouraging words.
I know the Starter Kit, but I have never completely clicked through the files. That is actually a very good idea.


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I can echo all of the praise for the product, forum, as well as techniques from @texnixe and others.
I, too, came from a similar place, @josiahplatt. I started with K1 when it came out, and did donuts in other CMSs for a while at the request of clients before coming back countless times to Kirby.
This forum has been wonderful and I’ve learned quite a bit of PHP, too. I’m a very happy customer.