📹 Intro live stream with Bastian: How to build a simple website from scratch

Hey everyone,

especially if you are new to Kirby, watch this live stream with @bastianallgeier :

In this live stream, Bastian explains how to create pages in Kirby, how to build the corresponding templates and how to connect to your content in the admin interface, the Panel, via blueprints that define the possible content of the pages, but also how to build different layouts/interfaces depending on page type.


This is a very, very nice live stream, I like it very much!

Thank you @texnixe for the link and @bastianallgeier for the stream! It is much easier to understand than the documentation.
But I want to say, that the documentation is great!



Nice! It might also be an idea to think what would be helpful for users that are somewhere between beginner and advanced that gives them a little push forward. Maybe there are examples of general approach and logic that are useful for people that went through the guide and the cookbook, but are not just there yet.

For example in this video the kitchensink prototype in the end demonstrates how to structure your own personal library with modular parts you can reuse and customize in future projects. I wouldn’t have thought about putting everything in one place like this, but it makes sense!

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I have a couple ideas of follow-up videos. Here are a few of them:

  • How to add a blog to a site
  • More advanced templating (filtering, sorting and combining data, simple logic in templates, etc.)
  • How to use controllers, models and predefined collections
  • How to get the most out of blueprints
  • How to build a one-pager
  • More plugin tutorials

I’ve mentioned this on Twitter, I’ve replied on the video, and i’ll mention it here: This is a very good move. I’m loving the walkthroughs, Bastian.
It will be a long slog to beat out Kirby the video game character in search results, but perhaps with a hashtag of #getkirby or something it will help.
Keep up the videos, they really help those of us who are ‘visual first’, ‘dev second’ type of creators of flat sites.
I do like your ideas, about your next videos. When doing your blog video, I’d like to encourage you to make sure you add in (multiple) authors and linking to Author pages, and how they are tied to User accounts within Kirby. It’s a simple way to show how to get real names inserted instead of email addresses.

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hi kirby Team,

in the end of the Video Bastian explain how to setup the Panel.
When i try to install the Panel on my demo Site, i get following Error Message.

Call to a member function isAdmin() on null

I´m using the newest Version of MAMP and Chrome.
Are anyone have a clue what i did wrong? All the other examples/descriptions works very well till this point.


@Benjah Make sure you use the latest version as v3.2.2 that fixed that issue

or download StarterKit from https://download.getkirby.com

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Thank you @ahmetbora. Now it works.
This was an fast n easy fixup.

I’m loving this! I was too intimidated to get stuck in to Kirby before; I’m a hobbyist coder and it seemed overwhelming to me. But seeing it done step by step makes it all really simple and exciting when the possibilities become apparent.

I’m following along with the tutorial but I’ve hit a snag. When I try to crop the project images using

<?= $project->image()->crop(500) ?>

I get an error message saying:

This page is currently offline due to an unexpected error. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible.

Everything displays fine before I add ->crop(500)

I’m on OSX and running a local server using MAMP. PHP ver 7.3.1

Any ideas?

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I’m looking forward to any additional video walkthroughs, @bastianallgeier. I know you and your team are busy, but these videos are a real boost.

Thank you for the code for checking

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