Kirby 3 live stream: Intro to field plugin development

I’m going to give an introduction to Kirby field plugin development in a public live stream at 4PM CEST today. If you are interested in Vue.js, PHP and Kirby, this will be for you:

Don’t be sad if you miss it, the stream will be recored and is still available afterwards on Youtube.


Hi Bastian,

it would be nice if you show how to develop new field plugins and how to extend existing fields. I think both is relevant.

Thank you for providing us with such a live stream!

Best Regards,

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If this turns into a series, extending fields is definitely on the list for another episode.


If? It definitely should.

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Thanks for this, @bastianallgeier. I’m sure this will give people, who are eager to start developing plugins, that extra push to do so.

Hi @bastianallgeier thanks for this little intro.
Do you have more videos like this ? This one and maybe others too are Unlisted.
Maybe you can create playlist on your Youtube account to find them easily.


This stream was the first public one.

We will add a link to it and to future streams to the docs.

Nice! :slight_smile: I just started working with Vue again, in a large project this time. I installed their thing called Vue CLI and I instantly disliked it because of…

  • Took forever to install
  • Took up 100 MB on disc
  • The UI gave me back the WordPress feeling (not good)
  • I did not feel in control anymore. I want my own file structure and in complete control, not dependent of yet another software

So I ditched the whole thing and now use no builder for the Vue files, just a Gulp script for merging js files and compiling sass files.

You mentioned Parcel. So that’s kind of a replacement for Vue CLI? Maybe that is what I need for my project as well.

I can add that the latest version of Kirby looks like a giant step forward. Your thing has really improved fast. I hope your sales reflect that as well.


Hi Bastian! I think this should become a series. One thing I would like to see in general: A series (by you or someone else, a standalone series or integrated into this existing one) where we not only see how to code specific things in Kirby 3 but also how to organize things in Kirby. As this is my first flat file cms and the fact that its totally different in many aspects compared to any other CMS I used, it’s hard to find out how I should organize my stuff. It’s less a technical but a to this cms-type specific question.

Example: It took me some time (and still takes) to understand if I should create all of my content as a page and have like 5+ different templates with blueprints for each. Same with the question when I should use parents and childrens (subpages) to organize my content.

So we should have like two categories:

  • technical stuff (plug-ins, general admin stuff like blueprints, template hacks, etc)
  • how to organize my stuff (which is the prerequisite to implement the technical stuff in a good way)

See you!