- a frontend viewer for the kirby plugins repo

since I always wanted to implement something with vue.js I played around with the Github API and built a frontend for Jens’ Github plugin repo.

Maybe it is very useful for one or the other. Suggestions for improvement and feedback are welcome!

Thanks also to @nocksock and @jenstornell for the support. Great Guys! <3

:books: Website:

I also wrote a too long blog post:

Edit: A Screenshot


Great work! :slight_smile:

Add a screenshot to your post and I think your CTR will improve! :+1:

I will add a link to your site in the plugin repo readme next week.

This is very useful, thank you!
Can filters be accumulated tho ?


Done that

Would love to see a link from your repo :heart:

Not yet, but its a feature I would like to implement some day.

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I think it makes a lot of sense to be able to add more than one filter, or search keyword AND THEN filter, or the other way around, and even being able to do has:keyword manually on search field (which I think I can’t right now)

I’d help if I knew my way around Vue.

Thanks for your work again.

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This is really great :slight_smile: good job!

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I just added thumbnails to the list. If you have a plugin in the repo, and want a thumb on your item, you have to add an image to your plugin-issue.
If you do it, please optimize it before as I can’t do it (yet) on my side.


It looks great! Clicking the screenshot tab is a joy. :+1:

I only miss the animated gifs, but I guess they are too performance heavy?

I may add a play button for gifs. :popcorn:

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Great work!

One additional feature I would love to see is filter:

NOT deprecated AND NOT broken

Maybe also:

NOT deprecated AND NOT broken AND NOT BETA.

I think most people want to filter out deprecated and broken plugins, so this should be easy to reach (not only by entering the above query).

Maybe with ckeckboxes / toggles:


  • [ ] Broken
  • [ ] Deprecated
  • [x] Beta

Per default I would deactivate broken and deprecated and activate beta.

thank you for your feedback.
And you’re right. A deprecated filter is planned for the next version.

Will add your input to the issue.

ok, its in.

  • you can globally hide “license”, “state” and “version” labels
  • click the eye icon in the sidebar for toggle
  • you can also click the bold text in the list.

And I added a Playbutton :slight_smile:
You can find some here:
Look for the button next to the labels (if a gif is available).

Some other changes:

Let me know if you find any bugs.

Btw. I’ve got no metrics on the site, so I don’t know if anyone really using it. So - my question - is anyone using the site? :slight_smile:


I can only tell you about my metrics. I love your directory and also appreciate you still add features and improvements. Great work!


I think it’s a nice add-on but personally don’t use it, because a) I’m used to using the GitHub repo b) I prefer the GitHub repo because of it’s advanced filtering options that help tremendously to quickly find the link to a plugin.

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