Vue 3 for Plugin Development

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im trying to get Vue 3 running in my Plugin Development. Do you have any best practice ideas to get it running and use it to add new Blocks, Panels, etc.? Or is it in conflict with Vue 2 used by kirby itself?

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I don’t think this will work because of compatibility issues. And frankly, I don’t even think it would make sense to load another Vue version on top of the existing one. We try to keep Kirby as light as possible, and adding another version of Vue would actually counteract these efforts.

Thought so. But thanks four your quick answer.

Do you plan on updating the core with Vue 3 version any time?

I don’t think this will happen soon, from what I understand, the refactoring this would require is massive.

Yeah definitely :smile:

Never the less I enjoy using Kirby. Really nice job!

Keep it up :ok_hand: