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What do you use for program to create your videos? It seems nice. :slight_smile:

Kirby Courses – tutorials on YouTube

@jenstornell I’m not sure what @thguenther is using but I’d recommend you check out ScreenFlow. Very much a proven screen recording/editing app.


I simply use the built-in QuickTime Player to record my screen and then Premiere Pro for the editing. But ScreenFlow seems like a better all-in-one solution. Thanks @HYR for the suggestion. :open_mouth:


@thguenther You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


On a side note: ScreenFlow is only available for OS X/macOS, not for Windows.


Finding a good cross-OS screen recorder turns out to be quite a pain in the ***.

I tried a bunch of them on Windows, my favorite up to this day is action!.
(Screenflow seems pretty good indeed ! for my limited use (I deliver my websites with videos / tutorials on how to edit / update them) I spared a few $$ and went for Voila )

I haven’t taken the time to dig into the Modules plugin yet, really looking forward to the dedicated video :slight_smile:


This is my point of view for windows:

If you want to do longer recordings Open Broadcast Software is the most common (also available for linux and mac)
For short gifs I use LICEcap.
When using Nvidia graphic cards you could use Nvidia Experience with it’s build in shadow play. Benefit of this is that it performs really well because it runs on your graphics card :slight_smile:


On Windows 10?

Use the build-in screen-recording tool; Windows-key + G

It’s meant for recording high-res / high-frame games, but of course you can record everything else.


I’ll just add this thought, for each platform there are many decent tools for screen recording but where I find ScreenFlow shines (and I’m sure there are others) is the editing/export process. When looking for a good screen recording tool take special notice of that part of it.


Didn’t realise this was possible til now!


Screenflow - because it has the editor, which i thought i will never use but you ususaly just need simple edits not some kind of pro editing solution. What is also interesting is that screenflow somehow records more “raw” footage so you can change things like mouse pointers and click effects after it is recorded.

Also LICEcap is awesome. Its also on windows i believe.


nice tool to record GIF on Linux:


Neither did I… but it’s build inside since a year and a half :stuck_out_tongue:


I just found what so far seems to be an awesome free screen recorder tool for Windows.

Demo video (starts at 2m 27s):

It’s not a gif recorder, it saves it as .wmv but it’s possible to save it to youtube directly. It’s also possible to edit the video which is really neat for a free program.


+1 for OBS. It has a bit of a learning curve but it’s very powerful.


I have used this software before but there is a dramatic fps drop in the output.
I recommend to use WebEx, which is relative more easier than Ispring. After you launch the program, you just need to click on the red button “Record” to capture whatever you want. The only annoying thing of WebEx Screen Capture is that the output is automatically saved as .WRF, which cannot be directly played on third-party players like Windows Media Player and VLC. You must download WebEx Recording Editor first from the, and then use it to convert .WRF to WMV and MP4. This is the guide on how to stream the screen captured video to Windows Media Player.


Kap is nice. Open source, but currently only for Mac.


For the times i’ve done this, i’ve found iShowU to be pretty decent


long recordings OBS
super short clips ShareX


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