Better screen recorder for animated gif (in Windows)

Many of you have probably seen this Tweet:

I’ve used LICEcap for a year or two but I got tired of their bugs. Look at this gif…


The colors are off, especially where the colors are similar like white and bright gray.

I searched the web and found a better (and free) alternative, at least for Windows.


Important: For it to work great for recording of plain surfaces like Kirby Panel, save it as nearest. Look below, to color errors and the filesize is about the same.

For Mac?

If you are using a Mac and have run into the same problem, maybe you can add a similar alternative for Mac? Gif recorders that is, not complete videos with sound and advanced video formats. :slight_smile:


I’m currently using GIPHY capture on OS X, because it comes with an easy interface and results are quite good in terms of filesize and quality. It’s meant ot be used with the Giphy site, but works perfectly for saving files locally without uploading anything to the platform at all.

Before I knew about it, I used QuickTime to record the desired screen area, edited in Aftereffects, exported as uncompressed mov file, opened that with Photoshop, used web export to make the actual gif file and ran it through some optimization tools to get a decent filesize. GIPHY really saves me a lot of time :wink:


i use:
on debian linux:
on macOS:
on windows… don’t know. :confused:


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I use ( mac ) instead of giphy capture which i used before


Kudos for sharing kap!

Open Source and downloadable straight from brew cask.


I just tried for Windows and it’s both simple and advanced. It’s only advanced when you need it to be. It has editing features, just like a video editing tool.

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