What tools to you use for Kirby development?

MarkdownPad 2

For writing the readme files at Github I use this:


I use the pro version and think the money is well spent.


I use this little tool to record gif animations:


I’m not completely happy with it because it gives some jumpy white/gray colors sometimes. I have not taken the time to search for a replacement. I think I found it on getkirby Twitter somewhere.

So this is two of the tools I use. :slight_smile:

Don’t we have a thread for that topic already? Grunt, Gulp, Sass, Sublime, Coda, MAMP, FirefoxDeveloperEdition, Git, etc

I thought of a more visual approach and not just list everything in a big batch. Also I have a cleaner headline. :slight_smile:

But I see your point. Close this post if you don’t like it.