Markdown implementation


for blog post / articles on the website, the ability for editors to write the article and style it in the panel is needed. The Kirby Markdown Extra seems to be limited. In my latest project I went with the fabianmichael/markdown-field plugin.

It does a good job and is working, but I was surprised to realize how much “overhead” (excuse my wording) the plugin adds to the project. It must have been over 1000 files extra.

Out of curiosity: Why?

And since text formatting seems like a core competence of a CMS, wouldn’t it be worth for you Kirbians to add more markdown capabilities natively?

Beside this, I really do love Kirby to the Moon and back.


That seems “a little” exaggerated. I see 100 files in the downloaded package, most of which belong to the source code, and then this number of files also comprises example extensions. Unless you go into develop mode and install all the dev dependencies via npm, then you might end up with 1000 files.

On a side note: Kirby 4 will add the possibility to extend the textarea field with custom nodes: Custom textarea buttons | Kirby CMS

Good morning Sonja,

Thank you for the reply.

I installed it as described via composer and as thecribed in the readme. Maybe I did something wrong, but the folder now contains “52.878.658 Byte (58,8 MB auf dem Volume) für 2.380 Objekte”.

I’ve seen the Custom textarea buttons for Kirby 4. I thought the problem. is not about the buttons but the parser!?

What about Blocks? I couldn’t find a screencast and failed to understand if this could be the solution to my needs.

I’m pretty sure you ran npm install to load all node modules (which are only needed for development), this will indeed result in a high number of files. Without those, the plugin has 90 files and is much smaller.

The blocks field doesn’t use Markdown and intended for people who want a visual representation of their content. You can see it in use in the Starterkit or in the Online-Demo.