Kirby - Lorem Text, a multi-lingual random text generator

Kirby - Lorem Text is a multi-lingual random text generator plug-in.

  1. Set a language (several languages available).
  2. Choose a text length (one sentence, two paragraphs, complete story, etc…).
  3. Tap on the input-field or textarea you want to populate.
  4. Press the spacebar; the selected field is now filled with random text.

This plug-in can come in handy, while developing a site without real content, yet…

The plug-in also has a stand-alone version (see lorem_text.htm in the root-folder of the repository;

So you can even generate multi-langual random text without Kirby (e.g. when designing a page / folder / poster in QuarkXpress, Adobe Indesign or CorelDRAW).


Looks nice! What service do you use for the gif animation?

It’s not quit a service, I guess…

  1. I use BB Flashback to record (a part of) my screen.
  2. This delivers a huge raw .AVI file (sometimes about 2GB in size).
  3. Then I open the raw .AVI file in Gif Movie Gear.
  4. To preserve the image quality, I convert every frame to grayscale.
  5. Finally, I optimize and export the .gif - which is about 750kb in size.

I work on PC / Linux (with Wine) but for Mac there are also plenty of options (maybe even built in the OS?).

BB Flashback is a very dedicated piece of software; it is meant to make promotion / instruction video’s, but I have a free license so my workflow is not such complicated :slight_smile:

I found this:

Not tested.

There’s also LiceCap or RecordIt, Gyazo and a lot of other possibilities.

There are a lot of screencapturing / -recording options out there.

I use my combination of software, because I bought (way back in 2005 or so…) an official license for Gif Movie Gear and it’s option to convert .AVI files and optimize .GIF frames are very usefull (frame reduce, frame thinning, ping pong order, etc…).

BB Flashback is great, because it can capture your screen, sounds from your speakers, webcam, etc… and it’s not only a recording suite - but also an editing suite; you can pan, zoom in / -out on specific area’s / buttons on your screen, add a voice-over or subtitling, etc…

But for simple capture purposes the free version will do the job as well… and of course there are plenty of open-source options available, cross platform and OS-agnostic!

This plugin is deleted?

Nope… I created a dozen of plug-ins for Kirby - but since the update to Kirby 2.2 most of them stopped working :frowning:

I can re-upload them once again, but do not have the time to modify / support them…

So just let me know what is wise :stuck_out_tongue:

It feels like it could be the same problem with all of them? If it is, do a search replace across the folders. :wink:

Unfortunately, all my bugs are unique - just like the plugins :slightly_smiling:

I fixed most of them, but was too enthusiastic creating 10+ plugins in less than a month time… bad me.

Creating one is easy, but maintaining is lot more work; so I decided to remove them from GitHub.

If anyone is interested, I can restore them without problems.

I don’t think we should put stuff online that is definitely not functional, otherwise we get a bulk of unnecessary support questions here in the forum. Such solutions should be kept separate, maybe as a sort of playground to give people an idea how they could achieve something.

And there is one other thing to keep in mind: sometimes a non-functional plugin can even prevent your Kirby installation from working properly. Then people forget that they have some sort of plugin/extension installed and wonder why all of a sudden Kirby does not work as expected anymore. We had that more than once.

Well, they are all working - right now (alive and kickin’).

But I don’t have the time to support them; so I will keep them in my lock box :slightly_smiling: