ChatGPT knows Kirby syntax

Wow. I’m pretty impressed. Didn’t know ChatGPT can also be used to write code using Kirby syntax…

But also hallucinating that this code has anything to do with KirbyTags.

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Hi, it’s my first post here, so be gentle.

I find that chatGPT knows kirby quite well. I let it create blueprints, out of these blueprints I let it make templates etc. and it does it like a breeze!

It helped me a great deal setting up my first and second kirby project.

Sometimes I just throw someting like this at it, and it creates the whole thing:

	Ok, I have a kirby yml to make: 
	the data I am giving you has a special format which I describe now: 
	Name of the field [space] then the internal name of the field [space] then the fieldtype
	- options means the file has these options. all options must be translatable. preferably in a global context from the language folder/panel. please generate the key, and make the value translatable. 
	sometimes you have to look up stuff on the internet. 
	please generate all translations for me.  
	before executing the task, ask me any question that you might have! 
	here's the data:
	Name text text
	Kontakt email email
	Website  website  url
	Sprache	language multiselect - options: (DE: Deutsch, FR: Französisch, IT: Italienisch, EN: Englisch)
	Standort location select - options: a dropdown with all CH cantons able to translated in a global file CH, LI, then all the cantons of CH
	Latitude latitude number - float
	Longitude longitude number - float

Then it goes on and does the work for me…
A none filebases yml system just can’t do it. I would have to get my hands dirty and click and add all the options…

chatGPT and kirby 4 the win!

The training data of ChatGPT currently extends up to version 3.9.

My experience is mixed. Sometimes it feels like talking to a person with dementia: instructions are ignored or suddenly veer off in another direction. Often, the logic in the responses is missing, or the code is too bloated or uses too many PHP elements instead of relying on the core of Kirby. You should not blindly rely on the results but should analyze, understand, and optimize them. For me, I can say that 2/3 of the queries did not lead to a usable solution. Queries related to widespread programming languages tend to deliver more useful results.