ChatGPT meets Kirby

Viele kennen wahrscheinlich ChatGPT, die neuste Generation von OpenAIs Textgenerator. Warum poste ich das hier? Weil ChatGPT Kirby kennt. Vermutlich kann ChatGPT einige der Fragen hier beantworten. Probiert es aus.

Disclaimer: Keine Werbung.

OpenAIs latest ChatGPT knows Kirby and can be used to solve problems. Might be worth a try.

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The training data cuts off in 2021, but I can confirm it is still interesting to play around with.

Here you can find a short conversation:

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Funny, yes. But you can throw in raw questions from this forum. I prompted a question from @theamnesic Blog pagination URL with route for e.g. and this was the answer. Not sure though if its valid, I hadn’t the time to check it…

It’s honestly completely umpredictable. I tried a bunch of questions and sometimes it generates these wild random answers that are completely wrong. It’s fun though.

Today its a master imposter haha - But think it in ten years browsing the web in real time, uuh.