Kirby CMS OpenAI text generator

Hi all,

I’ve created a new plugin that use OpenAI to create AI generated content (field+block text item).
The plugin is available here: GitHub - raduhoria/openai-textgenerator-field: Kirby CMS OpenAI text generator

Hope this will bring KirbyCMS closer to a modern use of CMS.

Waiting for your input and comments.

@Horia_Radu Going to test this soon!

A little error I noticed: your documentation requests users to edit the index.php of your plugin to enter API key etc. However, options should be set in the config, not by editing the source code of your plugin.

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Thank you!
Updated options.php and README.

You got me wrong, there was no need to make changes in your code. A user should never be required to edit files in your plugin. This additional options file is not needed. When you have set the options like you did before, the user can set those options in /site/config/config (i.e. in the user realm). So the only change you would have had to do was in your documentation.

Updated. Thanks,