Kirby meets Lorem Pixel

Developing a website, but don’t have (good) images while creating the codes?

Enter Lorem Pixel - a site dedicated to serving royalty free images as placeholders:

  • Simply enter (lp:500x250) in your content-field and Kirby spits out a random image, sized 500x250 pixels.
  • Wants only sport-images? enter (lp:200x200 subject:sports).
  • Needs an hero-image, filled with animals and rendered in gray? (lp:960x200 gray:1 subject:animals).
  • Or why not place a caption on the image? (lp:500x500 subject:nature caption:I like nature!).


And it’s live, even with some more options (force an image-slot, set some alignment settings).

All settings / variables are in the file on GitHub.

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