Introducing: 'Kirby WebP'


Hey there,
it’s not much but it’s something: For a very image-heavy site, I needed a quick way to save some extra KB (besides lazyloading), and despite not overly amazing browser support, I gave the ol’ WebP image format a spin (75% globally, mostly Chrome, but still).

I wanted a solution my client would feel comfortable with, and after discussing quality and the likes, I decided to write something quick-and-dirty: kirby-webp was born, generating .webp images alongside your uploaded PNG & JPG ones - so you don’t have to!

Check it out, feedback welcome as always. There are some options to play with (docs coming soon), and I will give it some love whenever I find the time, until then

may the force be with you


Hey there!
New version’s out with minor improvements, such as Composer support & faster WebP generation thanks to updated cwebp-binary in the underlying webp-convert.

Check it out on Github and let me know what you think.