Convert image format and support of WebP

I am wondering if there is an easy way in Kirby 3 (without plugins and with the default thumb drivers) to convert images besides using $kirby->thumb() with another filename as destination?

I managed to convert .jpg to .webp this way but it feels a bit hackish and .webp is not included in the list of supported image file formats for $page->image() for example.

There was an option to change the filename with $file->thumb() in Kirby 2 which isn’t available anymore and I am curious if there are plans to add a similar option to convert images in Kirby 3.

And I just saw a related issue in the ideas repository which I’ve added here for reference.

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As you have already experienced, there is currently no way to do this by ways provided out-of-the-kirby. However, feel free to “upvote” my idea on Github to make a strong statement, WE WANT WEBP - it’s called www for a reason, people!