Kirby's limits?

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I may have the opportunity to develop a website for a new university. First step would consist in a simple showcase website but it must be able to integrate more complexe features in the future, eg. an intranet. My competence stops at the development of the showcase site and they would probably need another developper for the possible intranet etc.
I wonder if kirby can manage an intranet ? Or maybe it could be developped in the same server but in a sub folder that doesn’t use Kirby ? Will another developper be able to take over the Kirby website ?

I think it really depends on what you class as an intranet and what the user expect to do on it. It’s perfectly possible to do front end logins and display certain kinds of content to particular kinds of users based on role.

I would take a look at user kit, since this already handles alot of that stuff.

It is also possible to use Kirby for the content management side of things, and use it’s API to pipe stuff through to another system that is more geared towards an intranet via JSON endpoints.

That’s true. In the true sense, the difference between a public facing website and an intranet is that the intranet is not accessible over the internet. And you can very well use Kirby for this use case.

If you mean access control via user login, then that’s of course possible as well. But depending on whether you need to integrate authentication services (AD or whatever), then this stuff doesn’t come out of the box and you have to get dirty with code.

Thx for your answer @texnixe and @jimbobrjames.

For the moment the future of the project is very vague. But it’s a university so I think I must consider the possible future need of a whole intranet platform where students or teachers will be able to log in, view courses or grades etc. At least, it will always be possible to install a third party service or anything not running on Kirby in a sub folder :, isn’t it ?

Personally i would put the other system in a subdomain, rather than mix it in with Kirby. It will likely grow massive in a year or two, and you want to be able to update Kirby without worrying about upsetting the intranet.

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True. Thanks for the advice