Userkit is back πŸŽ‰ Simple registration system. [Screenshots]


Although I am not a developer, developing this solution brings me a lot and I still have a lot to learn from Kirby.

Available functions:

:white_check_mark: Email / password connection.
:white_check_mark: Registration with password.
:white_check_mark: Registration with activation by email.
:white_check_mark: Resetting the password by email.
:white_check_mark: Update user information.
:white_check_mark: Change the password.
:white_check_mark: Deleting the user account




Almost all the features are there.

New features:

  • Reset password by email
  • Activate account by email

For this to work, do not forget:


Excited for this :blush:. Is it the email parsing thats the main issue?


Final update.
Added screenshots.

The design is compatile with the macOS dark mode.


awesome. do not forget to add it to the plugin tracker repo:


And don’t forget to add a license, so we can actually use it :wink:


This looks really nice :heart_eyes:

I think it would be more usable as a plugin if the strings weren’t hardcoded into the templates and snippets but editable in the Panel?


Hi @starckio I’m working on an install (Kirby 3) and running into an issue with the /login page, which seems to want to redirect to the homepage every time. I don’t see anything jumping out at me in the config/config.php, but I’m likely staring it straight in the face :stuck_out_tongue:


It happens in the controller:

You can redirect to any other page instead.


Ah! got it. It’s redirecting me because I’m already logged into the panel. That wasn’t quite clear.


Curious if anyone has an example in which they’ve successfully utilized the Userskit project within a Kirby 3 install.

I’m testing it out for my use case which would be to provide access to member-specific content pages as well as member-specific panel functions (creating a post with a specified template to be placed in a specified directory (sub-page of another template).

@starckio curious how you have used it and if you have a live example by chance.


@cadler Keep in mind that the Userkit is purely frontend stuff.

Panel permissions are currently not that advanced in K3 and restricting access to certain areas in the Panel can only be achieved through different blueprints based on user roles. There are plans to extend those permissions for Kirby 3.2 but I’m not currently not in the loop how far that has gone.


Thanks for the clarification @texnixe – you cleared an assumption I was worried about.

I’ll dig in deeper with the permissions features for blueprints & roles. Thanks