Kirby for an intranet

in my summer holidays I will have to rebuild/rethink the intranet of my school. Has anyone here experience in building an intranet with kirby? Most things like documents are quite easy to do, but I would love to make it a tiny bit social with messages, so has anyone build something like that or an intranet in generell with kirby?

Maybe @JonathanMuth - in one of your projects?

How did you solve the Problem with Data generated by Users?

What problem is that? Using controllers is trivial. I’ve developed classroom resources for maths and english teachers and just use text files to store json data. If the datasets were bigger I’d switch to a db, but it wouldn’t be hard to do.

The biggest issue I had was panel integration for reviewing the results.

I would be really interested in anything related to your intranet. Please let us know if you’ve news.