Feasibility of using Kirby for a Marketplace website

I have a potential project that’s quite large in scope, but as I was breaking down the requirements was wondering if Kirby would be an option for it. Essentially I’d need to build something like https://www.kleinanzeigen.de/ or https://www.finn.no/. Users would be able to create accounts (easy), list products for sale (create pages from frontend?), message each other (not sure about this one, store messages in a structure field in the users’ content file?). There are a lot more requirements of course, but I don’t think it’s totally unfeasible…? Or should I be looking elsewhere?

I think it would probably not be the right tool but it depends on the scale and the details.

In general, if you really compare Kleinanzeigen with all its scale, a filebased system is not the best approach in many regards. I’d favor at least “a database”, more likely a more complex set of different storage methods. There are many tricky things to consider for such large services which I can’t answer all in here.

If it’s for a really small scale and only a few products and messages, Kirby may be fine. After all, if you want proper messaging, maybe even real-time or notifications you may want to use WebSockets and storage systems such as Redis for this and that’s where you break out of Kirby anyway.

Perhaps also for some parts you could use Kirby and for others custom solutions. Hope this helps a bit for the consideration/decision process.

I tend to agree with @helloanselm, if you should go down this route nonetheless, particularly the idea to

doesn’t sound like a good idea at all.

Understood, and thank you both. I was already thinking about using Vue for this so I’ll look elsewhere for the CMS and backend part.