Is Kirby suitable?

Hi all -

In the last couple of weeks I’ve done some medium-depth research on kirby and have loved it so far. I have a new project which is for friends of mine that I planned to try it out on. However what was initially just a standard website looks set to change as my friends have now asked if I can add a feature which allows users to create accounts and order product deliveries. This would involve the user registering, then selecting from a list of products what they’d like to have delivered. The system also needs to work on the delivery day based on the user’s address (deliveries are done to different areas on set days), and will need to send out the standard confirmation emails.

Has this level of customisation made this project unsuitable for kirby? I understand that you can use kirby with a database which is something I could consider, although one of the things I love most about Kirby is it’s flat file approach, so that seems a little wrong to me!

Advice greatly appreciated - thanks Kirby community!

you can use kirby for this, even without a database.

there are several functions which are partly doing what you wrote in your post such as:

Send E-Mails depending on conditions, Show a certain selection of products…

I don’t see why not. But obviously kirby is just a set of backend and functions. While it provides many tools. You are the one to who has to use them…

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I am working on a client project right now that’s very similar to what you’re looking at. Mine is coordinating deliveries between suppliers, stores, and the trucking companies that deliver them.

I have created four roles (admin, supplier, carrier, branch) that each have different permissions and their own dashboard to sign-off on each step of the delivery process.

I’m using Kirby’s standard flat file content structure and it’s working out just fine. The email functions are easy to integrate with page controllers, so my answer to your question is yes! Kirby is definitely suitable.

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Thanks both! I’m really happy to hear that. Let’s say I was to take things up a notch and make an iOS and android app - is there any precedent of doing this with kirby? Even if it’s simply outputting the data to required rest/json.

(I was looking at using phonegap, which can only use web sockets/XmlHTTPRequest and javascript to show dynamic content)

you can generate as well as read json with kirby. there are a couple of functions to help you out as well…

I have used similar json commands to pull data accross other sites as well. I am not familiar with android and iOS development, but as far as i remember it shouldn’t be a problem to call json requests there as well.

So basically you could have your for example news/blog page create some sort of json api call where you can call the news from your kirby site into your app but displaying the data-set with for example marterial ui instead of just a html wrapper.

obviously the limit is not by calling info. based on your requirements you could even create content without a problem.

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Hi @samnabi - As I’m keen to get this project off the ground but don’t have a huge amount of time to get familiar with kirby first, are you interested in being involved on this one? Not sure in what capacity but if interested, let me know how I can DM you!

Private message sent.

Don’t think you need Kirby for Cordova (Phonegap is just a wrapper for Cordova).

I make a lot of apps, using Cordova - but without Kirby;

Some basic PHP-scripts “harvest” all the content / data I need (setup by a regular cronjob a couple of times per hour).

Those scripts “spit out” the data in XML / JSON and the Cordova app reads it, using to populate the app on your mobile phone.

With some very basic hosting, I can serve about 10.000 clients (app users) a day for less than 5 euro a month :slight_smile:

- btw - Of course you can use Kirby for the “cronjob” backend, if that’s what you want.

So you can use Kirby to create the JSON, and read the JSON by Cordova / Phonegap :slight_smile:

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