Inventory web app

I work as an IT admin in a small company. I am planning on developing an inventory management app for learning purposes. Right now we’re using Excel to document purchases and inventory.

Do you think Kirby CMS is good platform for it?
Could you please advise me on what technology/language to use.


I have built a product management system using Kirby, It’s currently running with about 600 products and performance wise it’s perfect.

I guess it all depends exactly what you need from the site.

Send me a private message if you would like to know more about the system!

Thanks. It’s not really an actual or required project for me. I don’t even think web app is appropriate for this idea because it’s just for internal use.
I just thought of developing it for learning purposes.

Oh ok, well it all depends on the intended use by the client and their needs. The version I have requires a login as people from around the world will be using it so it fits quite well in this case.

That being said, if it’s just for learning it wouldn’t be too difficult at all. Give it a go :smiley:

Hey @sicnarf just want to say that I’m currently running a site with just a bit less than a 1000 posts and as @MinmlCo said, Kirby is working really well.

But I agree with what as already been said, it really depends by what are you doing and your needs.
For sure you can replace excel with kirby but that doesn’t mean kirby is the best choice.

If you can tell us a bit more about what you’re planning to build maybe we can help you out or at least give you a more informed opinion.

It is for internal use only. I just wanted an easier way for me to record purchases(IT stuff) I make and keep track to where or whom these items are issued. Just basic IT inventory management.

Though I am already thinking of other things to make it a good project like integrating bar code scanner so if I scan an item using my phone(if possible), it will show complete details of the said item.

My point is, is it the right technology(web) to use?

Web browsers these days are very capable, so it should definitely be doable. A web app has the advantage that you can open the same app on your phone and integrate the scanning feature into it.

Then OK, let’s do this. Thanks everyone.

Oh btw, should I use a database?

You don’t have to. If you expect your inventory to become very large and need to run complex search queries against it, it might be better performance wise.