Is Kirby the right tool for my project with user area and forum?

I’ve been trying Kirby and like the concept a lot.
My new project will be for my sports-club. It requires more complex features and after studying the documentation and available examples I have doubts if and how it can be done with Kirby.
Any hint and help would be welcome. Ideally there would be a theme I could start with.

I would need:

  • Restricted user area for ~300 users
    accounts could be created by admin, users should be able to change password from frontend
  • Simple user forum with text editing from frontend. Uploads of pdf and jpg should also be possible.
  • gallery with upload of pictures from front-end

Points 1 and 3 I believe are doable. Ive made a private area before with a front of site login. Not with a password reset tho so someone might know more about that.

For point 2 your better off with a proper forum system on a subdomain, like Vanilla forums

Yes, that is doable as well.

As regards the forum, I agree with @jimbobrjames that you’d be better off with a third party solution. A simple user forum is possible with Kirby as well, in fact the old Kirby 1 forum ran on Kirby.

I don’t think there is a theme that comes with the features you require, most themes I know are more or less portfolio themes, nothing very complicated.