Kirby with user registration / restricted area

Hello everybody!

I am thoroughly impressed by Kirby and the way it looks/feels/operates. Whenever I’m looking into documentation or at my test-projects, I’m telling myself that this is the best system I’ve come across so far. I’m really loving the simplicity, the velocity and above all the logical conception of Kirby!

I do not work in webdev (so I would have to hire somebody to do it…) but I need to get an online platform going that has content available only to people who register themselves. What I’d need, would be for specific pages to be available only to logged-in users, along with the system to register your account, of course.

I’m posting in here to see if anybody has had any experience with this kind of setup - In my case, it would be < 1.000 users, so I’m not even completely sure it needs a database of some sort.

I’d be very grateful for any idea! Thanks in advance!

Although I haven’t personally worked on a Kirby project that required that many users, it’s perfectly doable. Kirby can definitely handle user registration and access control.

If you need a hand, I’m available.

You could even store your users in a database if needed. Kirby can handle that. Or use a small database for indexing.

Thank you very much for the replies! Is there any info available as to what is the critical number of entries that would make it more reasonable to switch to a database?

I have no experience with that many users, and it probably depends on what the users are supposed to do, see also this post: New to Kirby, a couple of performance questions if I may.

I think I would test this and programmatically create all those users.

But maybe there are some people around here who have created site with many users, let’s see.

hi everyone
I’m thinking of something like that too :smiley: (but only for few users)

maybe there is already a plugin on purpose, I hope :slight_smile:

There is a plugin for user onboarding:

As regards the rest, i.e. the restricted areas, it depends on how you want to handle it. A single restricted area for all authorised users, or a restricted area per user? Both is doable using Kirby’s permission system.

Further resources: