How many users can Kirby CMS handle?

is there a limit of users the Kirby can handle? If I create more than 200 users, there can be performance issue managing them?

Kirby’s performance footprint generally is very low, compared to other CMS choices (talking no database), so managing many users in comparison to other system would depend even more so on your hosting conditions (processor, hdd vs ssd, RAM, PHP memory_limit).

So I’d say there shouldn’t be any problems, and if there were any, they are not because of Kirby :wink:

Ok, thanks :slight_smile: Good to know!

Ok now i’m curious… how on earth did you end up with needing 200+ users??

You may want to think about using the Pagelock plugin, which will prevent 2 users editing the same page at the same time.

Perhaps he means front end users - I am curious about this as well as I have a membership site with 20,000 users and was wondering if it could be ported to kirby…

Theres a plugin for that.

eh eh :slight_smile:

I’m using Kirby to manage a photography magazine that you can see up and running on

We invite photographers, we select project and the final ones are showcased on a specific issue.

Usually the authors are sending project by mail, and after the selection, I setup the folder for each project and manually update the content.

I’m wondering if it will be possibile to create an account for each author, so that he/she can update his/her works, adding the captions and so on. In this way, it will be easy for me to publish only selected project and hide the ones that we rejected.

I know that kirbycms has also roles and permissions and I’m experimenting this on my local dev in order to give each author access to their projects (authors can be published more than once, and on different issue number).

I’ll have a look, thanks.

As long as there is a pattern by which you can define permissions, that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, if all authors only edit their own content, you don’t have issues with having to lock content. And 200 users are definitely not an issue in this context.

is the membership plugin needed? was just going to use the native kirby user system…

Depends on whether you register the users or if you want users to register themselves from the frontend. You can do that without a plugin if you create a form and the logic yourself.

I’m running a site with couple of thousands of users (front end, but they need to be edited from the backend sometimes/searched/etc. etc) - and getting all of this is a bit hard with plain kirby (at least when I tried to rely on plain kirby in 2.3) - as loading 2000+ users from files (or even worse, searching them for something beyond the file name) can get pretty slow.

I developed this - - to resolve it and it works alright so far for me.