Managing users number of accounts

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Are there any user limitations within the Kirby panel?

Is there a recommended number of users?

I await your response and help please.

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I don’t think it’s really possible to give you a hard number, because there are multiple factors to it, but you will run into issues with several thousand users, I guess.

What actually is your use case? Do you need all these users actually as Panel users?

However, there are ways to work around these limitations, by authenticating against a database or LDAP/AD and creating users on the fly. LDAP login | Kirby CMS (This plugin actually creates users in the filesystem, but they could be deleted again I think)

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Hi @texnixe !

Thank you very much for the answer and help.

It is a question from a client, I usually use 1 to 5 users in all projects. But I will recommend only creating hundreds of users for better management.